4 Arrested after Canine Alerts to Narcotics During Traffic Stop

Jun 13, 2016

Christopher White, James Rivers, Jessica Allen, Harold Williams East Palatka, FL: On Saturday evening at approximately 7:30PM, PCSO Sgt. Daniel Taylor stopped a vehicle for unlawful speed on East River Road. Taylor also discovered that the wrong tag was displayed on the vehicle and identified Christopher White as the driver. During the course of the traffic stop, Deputy Emmett Merritt and his K-9 Partner “Tango” conducted a sniff of the exterior of the vehicle. Deputies searched the vehicle after “Tango” alerted to the presence of narcotics. The search revealed a back-pack containing a “one pot” Methamphetamine cook, along with multiple items of paraphernalia associated with the production of methamphetamine. The Meth Lab Response Unit responded to the traffic stop to render the mobile meth cook safe for collection. Detectives assigned to the Drug and Vice Unit also responded to the scene to assist in the investigation. White was charged with production of Methamphetamine, trafficking in Methamphetamine, possession of listed chemicals used in the production of Methamphetamine and possession, three counts of possession of Methamphetamine and possession of drug paraphernalia. White remains in the Putnam County Jail on a bond of $43,000.00.

The continuing investigation into the traffic stop revealed that Methamphetamine manufacture and use were taking place at the residence located at 112 Orange Avenue in East Palatka. Detectives were able to obtain a search warrant for that home and at approximately 3:00AM the PCSO SWAT and Rifle Security Teams executed the warrant. The subsequent search revealed an additional Methamphetamine cook, approximately ten grams of processed Methamphetamine and numerous items of paraphernalia associated with the production of Methamphetamine. Detectives identified James Rivers, Jessica Allen and Harold Williams as the occupants of the home. Rivers was charged with possession of Methamphetamine, possession of drug paraphernalia and an outstanding warrant for contempt of court. Rivers remains incarcerated in the Putnam County Jail on a bond of $3,835.00. Allen was charged with conspiracy to manufacture Methamphetamine and possession of Methamphetamine. She is being held on a bond of $5,000.00. Williams was charged with production of Methamphetamine. His bond is also $5,000.00.

The Sheriff’s Drug and Vice Unit continues to investigate this case and additional arrests are expected.

Death of Couple on Silver Lake Drive Under Investigation

Jun 3, 2016

Palatka, FL: The Putnam County Sheriff’s Office continues to investigate the deaths of two individuals at 2701 Silver Lake Drive.

On 6/02/2016 at approximately 9:30 AM, the Sheriff’s Office received a call regarding the possible stabbing of two victims. Deputies arrived and verified that Nicole Moats (31 YOA) and James Dykes Sr. (60 YOA) were deceased inside the residence. A four-year-old child and another adult with developmental disabilities were inside the home when deputies arrived, but were unharmed.

The District 23 Medical Examiner’s Office conducted an autopsy on both victims this morning. The medical examiner confirmed that there were no signs of violence or physical assault on either victim. The cause of death is pending toxicology lab results. Those results may take several months.

The investigation has confirmed that there was no forced entry into the home. Investigators have also determined that the victims, who were located together in a separate and isolated portion of the residence, had been deceased for approximately twenty-four hours prior to their discovery.

The Florida Department of Children and Family Services was notified and placed the child in the custody of the paternal grand-father.

The Sheriff’s Office intends to keep the public informed on this case to the extent that the investigation allows. This remains an active investigation and no additional information is available at this time.

Warrant Served at Southside Palatka House

Jun 2, 2016

Holderfield'sPalatka, FL: The Putnam County Sheriff’s Office Drug and Vice Unit completed a month long investigation into the sale of cocaine at a Palatka residence. During the undercover investigation, detectives learned that cocaine was being sold from the residence located at 116 Dellwood Avenue. Brandon Holderfield sold crack and powder cocaine to undercover deputies at the Dellwood Avenue residence twice during the investigation. As part of the investigation, the Sheriff’s SWAT and Rifle Security Teams executed a search warrant at the home on May 13, 2016. When detectives searched the home, in accordance with the search warrant, they discovered additional crack cocaine, Roxycodone and marijuana. The investigation revealed the Courtney Holderfield and Amanda Holderfield were also residing in the home and associating with Brandon Holderfield, who is a known gang member, which is a violation of their probation. Courtney Holderfield is on probation for previous drug and retail theft violations and Amanda Holderfield is on probation for previous drug violations.

Brandon was charged with two counts of sale of cocaine, possession of cocaine with intent to sell, possession of a Schedule II controlled substance and possession of marijuana. He is being held on a bond of $202,500.00. Courtney Holderfield and Amanda Holderfield were charged with violation of probation and is being held without bond.

Operation Last Rodeo Cumulates with 12 Arrests

May 27, 2016

Putnam County, FL: The Putnam County Sheriff’s Office Street Crimes Unit took to the streets during the pre-dawn hours of Thursday morning to serve multiple arrest warrants as part of “Operation Last Rodeo”. The warrants were the result of multiple undercover drug investigations conducted by the Sheriff’s Drug and Vice Unit. The investigations which targeted drug dealers in the Palatka, East Palatka and San Mateo areas began in January of this year. During the operation, thirteen suspects were charged with the sale of various narcotics after they sold drugs to undercover detectives. All of the suspects, with the exception of Alvin Perry, were arrested on warrants resulting from the previous investigations. Perry was charged with possession of Hydromorphone with intent to sell and possession of cocaine with intent to sell in addition to his warrants. The new charges were the result of narcotics found in his possession when he was taken into custody for his active warrants. Ten of the suspects have been arrested and the search for the remaining three suspects is ongoing. Anyone with information regarding the whereabouts of the wanted suspects is asked to call Crime Stoppers at 1-888-247-8477. Callers can remain anonymous. Persons providing information leading the arrest of the three remaining suspects may be eligible for a cash reward.

“Operation Last Rodeo” was named in honor of PCSO Lieutenant James Edgar, who is the commander of the Drug and Vice Unit. Lt. Edgar will be leaving the Sheriff’s Office in July after 14 years of dedicated service to the citizens of Putnam County to attend law school at the University of Florida’s Levin College of Law.

Suspects Charges as in “Operation Last Rodeo”

1. Amanda Leigh Harvey (White / Female, 35)
• Warrant for Sale of Schedule II Controlled Substance (Morphine)
• Warrant for Sale of Schedule II Controlled Substance (Oxycodone)

2. Natavis Donell Baynard (Black / Male, 33)
• Warrant for Sale of Cocaine

3. Denzill Lebron Deering (Black / Male, 52)
• Warrant for Sale of Schedule II Controlled Substance (Hydromorphone)
• Warrant for Sale of Schedule II Controlled Substance (Hydromorphone)

4. Keyonta Tanell Smith (Black / Male, 24)
• Warrant for Sale of Schedule II Controlled Substance (Hydromorphone)
• Warrant for Sale of Cocaine

5. Ira Rasheed Robertson (Black / Male, 23)
• Warrant for Sale of Cocaine within 1000’ of Public Housing

6. Lonnie Jerome Brinson, Jr. (Black / Male, 23)
• Warrant for Sale of Cocaine

7. Timothy Bernard Colson, Jr. (Black / Male, 22)
• Warrant for Sale of Cocaine
• Warrant for Sale of Cocaine

8. Alvin Levon Perry (Black / Male, 38)
• Warrant for Sale of Cocaine
• Warrant for Sale of Cocaine
• Possession of Hydromorphone with Intent to Sell
• Possession of Cocaine with Intent to Sell

9. Paul Adams Durden (Black / Male, 53)
• Warrant for Sale of Cocaine

10. Bobbie Lee Mosley (White / Female, 28)
• Warrant for VOP Trespassing
• Warrant for VOP Possession of Drug Paraphernalia
• Warrant for VOP Possession of Controlled Substance (Hydromorphone)

11. Elvin Rollins (WANTED)
• Warrant for Sale of Cocaine

12. Kyle Knever (WANTED)
• Warrant for Sale of Hydromorphone

13. Christopher Sapp (White male, 28 YOA) (WANTED)
• Warrant for Sale of Methamphetamine within 1000 feet of a church

Operation Last Rodeo

Sheriff Hardy Awards three Deputies with Commendation Medals in Suspect's Arrest

May 23, 2016

Sheriff Jeff Hardy has awarded three Deputy Sheriffs with Sheriff’s Commendation Medals for their arrest of a suspect whose capture provided the needed break in an open murder investigation.

On March 3, 2016 a residential alarm brought members of the South District’s Delta Shift to the area of Buffalo Bluff Road. It was determined the alarm was set off due, in part, to an unsecured door. After searching and securing the residence deputies stood by waiting for the homeowner to arrive to check the residence. It was during this period of time, a Bridge Tender for CSX contacted the Putnam County Sheriff’s Office after noticing a person walking along the railroad tracks while carrying a large bag. As a safety precaution, the Bridge Tender raised the train trestle to dissuade the trespasser from attempting to walk across the draw bridge and into Palatka.

As deputies were still in the general area due to the residential alarm, their response was nearly immediate to the call of the trespasser walking along the railroad tracks. The Bridge Tender noticed the male subject witnessed patrol cars traveling along the roadway so he ran down the railroad track embankment and into the swamp. Sergeant Kenny Roberts, Deputies Joe Abbott and Michael Wells searched the area until the located the area where the subject ran into the heavily wooded area. Sgt Roberts felt the urge to continue searching for the subject due to strangeness surrounding the event which made the man run at the mere sight of law enforcement.

Sgt Roberts, Deputies Abbott and Wells continued their pursuit only by tracking the subject’s trail through several miles of dense vegetation and also crossing over 3 small creeks. The officer’s pursuit pushed the subject to the edge of the St Johns River where he was found hiding beneath some fallen trees. The subject was found to be using a pair of binoculars to track the officers as they searched for him. Upon being taken into custody, Sgt Roberts and Wells confirmed the subject, Jerry Keene Jr, was wanted on active warrants out of Putnam, Alachua and Marion counties. Keene had been out of the Florida Prison System for less than 1 year and his active warrants included charges of resisting officers with violence and he was also wanted for questioning in the disappearance of Thomas Lombardo.

Once in custody, Keene admitted to numerous residential and commercial burglaries in Putnam County but more importantly, his arrest was instrumental in solving the murder of Thomas Lombardo, who was reported missing in Marion County on January 25, 2016 and murdered in Putnam County. Keene’s arrest led to the location of Lombardo’s body and the discovery of crucial evidence in his murder. Keene also provided information leading authorities to a church van he had stolen in Palatka and abandoned in Marion County.

Upon presenting the awards, Sheriff Hardy commented, “The arrest of Keene was only due to the perseverance and strong leadership Sgt Roberts and Deputies Abbott and Wells displayed. The insistence of tracking a person on what appeared to be a minor offense of Trespassing led to the capture of an extremely violent career criminal who would have only continued his attack against the morals, safety and peace of mind of the public he targeted. I feel that recognizing Sergeant Kenny Roberts, Deputy Michael Wells and Deputy Joseph Abbott with the Sheriff’s Accommodation Award would serve as an example of appreciation to their job performance and their insistence of going well above and beyond the daily rigors of a their law enforcement job capacity.”

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