Kidnapped Child Found Safe with Fugitive Mother

Aug 3, 2015

Megan Everett Lilly Abigail Baumann, a three year old toddler who was reportedly kidnapped by her mother, Megan Elizabeth Everett (23 years old, picture at left), over a year ago has been recovered in the Palatka area. The youngster, who was reported kidnapped in Sunrise, FL, in May of 2014, was featured on CNN last night (08/02/15) on the John Walsh show “The Hunt.” The airing of the show led to the discovery of the child’s whereabouts in Putnam County. Also, an arrest warrant had been issued in Sunrise charging the mother, Megan Everett, with kidnapping, interference with custody and concealing a minor contrary to a court order. A federal warrant was also issued for her for unlawful flight to avoid prosecution.

A Putnam County landlady was watching the show last night, and recognized the mother and daughter as tenants of her rental property on Motes Lane, south of Palatka. The landlady notified CNN who in turn contacted the FBI. Agents from the Daytona Beach FBI office called the Putnam County Sheriff’s Office. They requested that deputies check the residence while they traveled to Putnam County. Captain Joseph Wells and Captain Dominic Piscitello led a team of deputies to the residence, and upon surrounding the house, observed the mother and daughter inside.

Lilly Abigail Baumann was recovered unharmed at the residence. Detective Kim Daley, a Victim’s Advocate at the Sheriff’s Office, is keeping the child while her father travels to Palatka from Sunrise this afternoon. Megan Everett has been booked into the Putnam County Jail on the outstanding warrants without benefit of bond.

Captain Dominic Piscitello and Deputy Brandee Smith with Lilly Baumann

County Road 309C Closed for Repairs

Aug 3, 2015

County Rd 309C Closed for Repairs The Putnam County Sheriff’s Office is issuing a warning for motorists concerning the road closure and roadwork being done on County Road 309C between St. Johns Avenue in Francis and State Rd 100. Last week two young men were critically hurt when they crashed at the construction site. That vehicle crash was investigated by the Florida Highway Patrol.

Last Saturday evening (08/01/15) Deputy Ben Boots worked a vehicle crash when a 16 years old young lady, from Palatka, disregarded the road closed signs and struck a drainage pipe across the closed road. Although the driver reported that she was not injured, her car had an estimated $3,500.00 in damages. In an effort to keep anyone else from crashing or being injured, Captain Joseph Wells, the district commander for this area, has assigned deputies to specifically enforce the road closed status on this highway. These deputies will have a “zero tolerance” policy regarding anyone failing to obey the “road closed” traffic devices.

Brother Charged after Argument Leads to Stabbing

Aug 3, 2015

Manuel HutchinsonFifty years old Manuel Hutchinson, of Gainesville, was placed under arrest Sunday night (08/02/15) after he reportedly stabbed his brother earlier in the evening. He is presently being held in the Putnam CountyJail without benefit of bond.

An initial report by Deputy Elizabeth Wisham determined that Manuel had gotten into an argument with his brother, 37 years old Rodney Rossell Hutchinson, at his brother’s residence on County Road 20A near Hawthorne. Manuel, who is hearing impaired, evidently was made fun of because he cannot hear, and became angry with his brother who is also dating Manuel’s old girlfriend. The argument reportedly resulted in the two brothers becoming involved in a physical fight. Witnesses then reported that Manuel retrieved a knife from his car, began to chase his brother around the yard and finally stabbed Rodney when Rodney fell over a log.

Manuel Hutchinson reportedly fled the scene but returned while the investigation was under way, and turned himself in to Deputy Wisham. Major Crimes Detectives were called to the scene and continued the investigation. Detective Nicole Thomas interviewed Manuel Hutchinson at the Sheriff’s Office with the assistance of a sign language interpreter. Following the interview he was placed under arrest without incident, charged with domestic violence related aggravated battery. Rodney was transported to UF Shands, in Gainesville, by EMS where he received treatment.

Woman Arrested with Grand Theft for Stealing Purse from Shopping Cart

Jul 31, 2015

Megan Graham Twenty five years old Megan Ellen Graham, of Satsuma, was arrested last Tuesday (07/28/15) as the result of social media on the internet. Graham was charged with stealing a woman’s purse from a shopping cart at the CVS in East Palatka. She was arrested on one count of grand theft.

Deputy Wayne Jones reported that the victim was shopping at CVS on July 14th, when she realized that someone had taken her purse from her shopping cart. Deputy Jones also learned that a credit card belonging to the victim was used shortly thereafter in St. Johns County at a Hastings convenience store. The follow up investigation was assigned to Detective Spencer Reinert.

Detective Reinert was able to obtain video footage from the store which showed a man and woman walking out of the store after the woman grabbed the purse from the victim’s shopping cart. Detective Reinert enlisted the help of the Sheriff’s Office Crime Analyst, Kim Greenwood, who posted photos of the thieves on the Sheriff’s Office Facebook page. As the result of that posting, Detective Reinert received several anonymous calls identifying the suspects as Megan and Billy Graham.

On July 28th, Megan Graham voluntarily met with Detective Reinert at the Sheriff’s Office, and following an interview, was placed under arrest. She was released after posting $1,004.00 bond.

Detective Reinert noted “This arrest was made possible because of all of the tips and leads I received that stemmed from the Facebook posting.” He also noted that charges are pending in St. Johns County for both Megan and Billy Graham for use of the stolen credit card in Hastings.

Strangled Child Dies

Jul 28, 2015

The four years old victim who was reportedly strangled early Monday morning (07/27/15 at about 4:00 a.m.) at Westover Trailer Park, in Palatka, has passed away at Shands Hospital in Gainesville. According to hospital personnel, Braydan Anthony Trahern died at about 12:40 p.m. Tuesday afternoon. The Medical Examiner’s Office will conduct a post mortem examination to determine the exact cause of death.

Eleven years old Ethan Grant Jones has been charged in the incident with aggravated battery resulting in great bodily harm. He was arrested Monday afternoon (07/27/15) and is presently being held in the juvenile detention facility in Gainesville. Putnam County Sheriff’s Office detectives will be conferring with the State Attorney’s Office regarding the charges against Ethan Jones once the post mortem examination has been completed.

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