Man Arrested after Armed Standoff in East Palatka

May 1, 2015

Timothy Anderson Thirty four years old Timothy Paul Anderson, of East Palatka, was taken into custody Thursday night following an armed standoff with deputies on Bangor Avenue in East Palatka. Anderson was ultimately taken into custody and charged with two counts of possession of a firearm by a convicted felon and one count of shooting a firearm within a private residence. He is currently being held at the Putnam County Jail without benefit of bond.

The standoff with Anderson began last night (04/30/15 at about 9:00 p.m.). Deputy Kevin Darrin was dispatched to a 911 hangup, and met with Anderson’s mother, who reported that earlier her son had been in possession of a handgun and had threatened to shoot himself. She also reported that Anderson had earlier fired one shot inside another occupied residence and that she had received lacerations when the fired bullet shattered a piece of floor tile. She reported that her son was presently located at 115 Bangor Avenue, was armed with a shotgun and was inside the residence with his 81 years old grandmother.

Members of the Sheriff’s Office Rifle Security Team, the SWAT Team and the Crisis Intervention team surrounded the residence at 115 Bangor Avenue, and a short time later Anderson emerged from the house armed with a large knife. After refusing to drop the knife and lie on the ground, he was disabled with a Taser and taken into custody without further incident.

Anderson’s mother was treated at the scene by Emergency Medical personnel, and his grandmother was not injured.

Two Corrections Deputies Given Lifesaving Awards

Apr 30, 2015

Photo of deputies given lifesaving awards along with Sheriff HardySheriff Jeff Hardy awarded Life Saving Medals to a pair of Corrections Deputies today, noting that their quick actions saved the life of an inmate. On April 13th Corrections eputy Steve Callahan became aware of a commotion in one of the cell blocks at the Putnam County Jail. Deputy Callahan discovered that an inmate was suffering from chest pains and immediately notified his supervisor, Corporal Ryan Dunn. The two officers rushed the inmate to the Corrections Division Medical Center where they found the inmate’s vital signs extremely elevated. The two officers then made arrangements to transport the inmate to Putnam Community Medical Center. At the hospital it was determined that the inmate had suffered a heart attack and was rushed to surgery.

Sheriff Hardy noted “Both Corrections Deputy Callahan and Corporal Dunn acted in a professional manner and showed good judgement in dealing with this life threatening incident. These two officers saved the life of the inmate.”

Sheriff's Office Presented Check for Forfeiture Funds from Task Force Work

Apr 29, 2015

Sheriff Hardy Holds Check from U.S. TreasuryDuring a ceremony at the Federal Courthouse in Jacksonville this morning (Wednesday, 04/29/15) the U.S Attorney’s office presented the Putnam County Sheriff’s Office with a check for $80,845.17. The money comes as the result of a task force investigation that resulted in the arrest and conviction of 27 years old Zachary Timothy Rose. The investigation began in 2010 and involved 15 different law enforcement agencies including the Putnam County Sheriff’s Office. Rose was convicted of conspiracy to distribute and dispense oxycodone and alprazolam and conspiracy to commit money laundering. Rose operated three pill mills in Jacksonville, and all three were shut down in 2012. As a part of Rose’s sentence the court ordered the forfeiture of $2,461,801 that was deemed to be proceeds from Rose’s illegal activities. In addition, Rose received a sentence of 15 years and eight months in federal prison.

Sheriff Jeff Hardy plans to use the office’s share of the forfeiture to upgrade and improve the Putnam County Sheriff’s Office marine unit. Many calls and patrols are handled by the Sheriff’s Office Marine Patrol unit, and they are presently operating with a single watercraft that is more than 13 years old. The Sheriff plans to purchase new equipment and upgrade the older boat.

Sheriff Hardy also noted that the Sheriff’s office has donated over $33,000 to the Lee Conlee House, which is the domestic violence shelter located in Palatka. This money came from the federal and state forfeiture funds. In addition, $40,000 has been donated from the forfeiture funds to the Rodeheaver Boys Ranch, as well as $11,000 to the PCSO Police Athletic League Sheriff Hardy stated “The work of the task force has been instrumental in removing legal drugs prescribed unlawfully in our communities. Lives have been saved by their activities.”

Melrose Area Drug House Shut Down

Apr 27, 2015

Ivan Russell and Doug Hager Melrose, FL: Ten suspects have been arrested by Putnam County Sheriff’s Deputies during a six week investigation into illegal drug activity occurring in the Country Living subdivision in Melrose. The investigation, which was conducted by the Sheriff’s Drug and Vice Unit and Street Crimes Unit, began after West District Patrol Deputies became aware of suspicious activity in the neighborhood. The investigation included both traditional patrol techniques and advanced undercover operations. During the investigation, detectives determined that Ivan Russell and Elton Hager were operating a residence at 234 Country Living Circle for the purpose of using and distributing narcotics. The investigation culminated Friday evening when the SWAT and Rifle Security Teams executed a search warrant at that residence.

Russell was charged with sale of cocaine and possession of a firearm by a convicted felon. Russell, who is a seven time convicted felon and currently on federal probation, remains in the Putnam County Jail on a bond of $75,000.00. Hagar was charged with possession of a firearm by a convicted felon and possession of drug paraphernalia. Hagar is a three time convicted felon and remains in jail on a $26,500.00 bond. In addition to Russell and Hagar, the following suspects were charged during the operation which resulted in the seizure of cocaine, prescription narcotics, marijuana, synthetic marijuana, drug paraphernalia and a firearm.

Sheriff Hardy said of the case, “Doug Hager and his residence have blighted the Country Living neighborhood for some time. These arrests highlight the hard work and countless hours deputies and detectives have put in to help stop the distribution of drugs in Melrose.”

Following is a list of arrests that are associated with the case, but were made in the weeks prior to the service of the search warrant at the residence:

Jessica Marie Ernest (White / Female, 25)

• Warrant for Disorderly Conduct

• Possession of Controlled Substance (Suboxone)

Troy Brandon Gilliam (White / Male, 34)

• Possession of Cocaine

• Driving While License Suspended/Revoked (Habitual)

• Possession of Cannabis under 20 grams

• Possession of Drug Paraphernalia

Jared Camplesi (White / Male, 23)

• Possession of Controlled Substance (Alprazolam)

• Possession of Drug Paraphernalia

Shannon Marie Allen (White / Female, 36)

• Possession of Cannabis under 20 grams

• Possession of Crack Cocaine

• Introduction of Contraband

Thomas Welles (White / Male, 53)

• Driving while License Suspended/Revoked (3rd or Subsequent)

• Possession of Drug Paraphernalia

Timothy Ray Little (White / Male, 47)

• Driving while License Suspended/Revoked

Summer Dawn Strickland (White / Female, 29)

• Possession of Cocaine

• Possession of Controlled Substance (Suboxone)

• Possession of Synthetic Cannabinoids

• Possession of Drug Paraphernalia

• Introduction of Contraband x 4

Dean Frank Hall (White / Male, 50)

• Possession of Synthetic Cannabinoids

• Possession of Drug Paraphernalia

Bardin Man Arrested after Family Argument Turns Violent

Apr 20, 2015

Elvis Rhodes Bardin, FL: On Sunday, April 19, 2015 at about 5:00 pm, Putnam County Deputies responded to 334 Songbird Road in Bardin for a family disturbance.

The deputies learned Elvis Rhodes, 55, got into an argument with his son Christopher Rhodes, 28, and daughter Elaina Rhodes, 34. The argument started because Elvis took two beers from a cooler on Christopher and Elaina's front porch while they were gone. The two said, Elvis got frustrated and went to the store for more beer to replace what he took. Elvis replaced the beers and went to his home, which is on the same property as Christopher and Elaina's home. Elvis later returned, wanting to talk with the two. They refused and locked themselves inside. Elvis left, returned with a large pickaxe and began striking the door repeatedly with it to gain entry. Christopher, fearful of Elvis because of prior violence, retrieved a shotgun and fired through the door. Elvis immediately left the residence and called for assistance.

Elvis was arrested for burglary and two counts of aggravated battery with a deadly weapon. He is currently in the Putnam County Jail and is held without the benefit of a bond.

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