Bardin Man Arrested after Family Argument Turns Violent

Apr 20, 2015

Elvis Rhodes Bardin, FL: On Sunday, April 19, 2015 at about 5:00 pm, Putnam County Deputies responded to 334 Songbird Road in Bardin for a family disturbance.

The deputies learned Elvis Rhodes, 55, got into an argument with his son Christopher Rhodes, 28, and daughter Elaina Rhodes, 34. The argument started because Elvis took two beers from a cooler on Christopher and Elaina's front porch while they were gone. The two said, Elvis got frustrated and went to the store for more beer to replace what he took. Elvis replaced the beers and went to his home, which is on the same property as Christopher and Elaina's home. Elvis later returned, wanting to talk with the two. They refused and locked themselves inside. Elvis left, returned with a large pickaxe and began striking the door repeatedly with it to gain entry. Christopher, fearful of Elvis because of prior violence, retrieved a shotgun and fired through the door. Elvis immediately left the residence and called for assistance.

Elvis was arrested for burglary and two counts of aggravated battery with a deadly weapon. He is currently in the Putnam County Jail and is held without the benefit of a bond.

Hawthorne Man Arrested for Animal Cruelty Charges

Apr 20, 2015

Hawthorne, FL: Deputies with the Putnam County Sheriff's Office have arrested Malcom Alexander Wade, 64, of Hawthorne. Wade is charged with cruelty to animals after an extensive investigation by Sheriff's Deputies, Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission Officers, Putnam County Codes Enforcement and Putnam County Animal Control.

The investigation began when Codes Enforcement responded to Wade's property at 156 Crocus Lane in Hawthorne to condemn the residence on April 7, 2015. An Officer with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission accompanied the Codes Enforcement Officer after receiving reports of some alleged environmental crimes at the residence.

When the officers approached the residence, they immediately noticed two badly emaciated dogs chained near the front of the residence. Once at the front door, the FWC officer said he could smell decay. The officers found two additional dogs in crates stacked on top of one another and a third crate that contained the remains of a decaying dog inside the residence. The officers called the Sheriff's Office for assistance. Deputies arrived and assumed the investigation. Deputies, after obtaining a search warrant, conducted a more thorough search of Wade's property. The deputies found two additional decaying dog carcasses near a blue tarp.

The remaining living dogs were seized by animal control and taken to a local vet for examination and convalescent care. An arrest warrant was obtained for Wade once the investigation was complete. Wade is charged with seven counts of cruelty to animals. His bond is $175,000.

Child's Body Recovered from the St. Johns River

Apr 20, 2015

East Palatka - At approximately 5:00 a.m., the body of a young boy was recovered in the St. Johns River near the area where 9 year old Tate Ricks was reported missing. Searchers found the body of the child floating just below the surface of the water.

Investigators with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission (FWC) are conducting the investigation into the incident.

Search for Missing 9 Year-old Boy Continues on the St. Johns River

Apr 19, 2015

Palatka, FL: The Putnam County Sheriff's Office Marine Unit along with officers from the Florida Fish and wildlife Conservation Commission are continuing the search for a missing nine-year-old boy on the St. Johns River. Law Enforcement officers remained on the river overnight and this remains an active search. Multiple law enforcement vessels are currently engaged in grid searches using underwater sonar. Divers and aviation units will continue deploy as the situation dictates.

The search area includes the St. Johns River from the Highway 17 Memorial Bridge to the north and Pico Road to the south. Boaters are encourages to avoid the search area if possible and to exercise extreme caution while traveling in the search area.

Pomona Park Man Arrested on Burglary Charges

Apr 15, 2015

Joseph Maddox Pomona Park - A Pomona Park man has been arrested for burglarizing a home and stealing from his mother's fiancée. On April 14, 2015, Deputy Tyler Miller responded to a residence on Silver Beach Blvd., in Pomona Park to a reported burglary of a residence. Deputy Miller met with the homeowner who reported that someone had entered his residence and while inside had stolen $500.00 in cash from his dresser.

Deputy Miller's investigation revealed that the suspect entered the residence through a garage window and stole the currency from on top of a dresser while inside. Deputy Miller spoke with a neighbor who informed him that a subject named Joseph Maddox was observed walking to the victim's residence earlier in the day. Deputy Miller discovered footprints at the scene and in the roadway leading to and away from the residence. Deputy Miller showed the shoe impressions to the victim's fiancée who informed him that she believed the shoe impressions belonged to her son, Joseph.

Deputy Miller relocated to a residence on Echo Trail in Pomona Park, and met with Joseph Maddox. Deputy Miller explained to Maddox the evidence obtained during his investigation. Maddox consented to an interview, and after completing the interview, he was arrested for burglary and grand theft.

Joseph Maddox was booked into the Putnam County Jail where he is being detained with a bond of $10,008.00.

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