J.C.P.O. Programs

  • Creating Lasting Family Connections (CLFC)

    Our Mission... The CLFC program has been proven to show a significant increase in youth drug refusal skills, enhanced communication skills and improve bonding between youth and their parents. It is designed to improve parental knowledge and beliefs about substance use, and to strengthen family bonding. The curriculum has demonstrated the assistance needed for youth and families in high-risk environments, to become strong, healthy, and supportive people. CLFC provides parents and youth with strong defenses against environmental risk factors by teaching appropriate skills for personal growth, family enhancement, and interpersonal communication, including refusal skills.

    The Juvenile Crime Prevention Office has adopted this program to enrich family units. We believe CLFC is the catalyst our community needs to raise resilient youth, and provide families with a quality drug prevention program. We strongly believe in this program and are confident CLFC will be key in accomplishing our goals for Putnam County's youth and their families.

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  • Drug Awareness Program

    Program Overview...
    The Drug Awareness Program provides substance abuse screening, multi-family group services, and case management to adolescents who are determined to be appropriate for prevention or early intervention services.

    Adolescents are referred to the Drug Awareness Program as a result of violating the school systems substance abuse policies or violating other alcohol or substance abuse laws. Adolescents who have been arrested, charged, cited, or referred as a result of a substance abuse related violation could be diverted to our program. Also, parent or family referrals for the program are accepted if the program is considered appropriate to meet the needs of the adolescent.

    The program is distinctly focused on strengthening communities through building and strengthening families. The program functions from the assumption that each family has its own unique characteristics and properties that emerge and are apparent only when family members interact. The family is viewed as a "whole" rather than just the child and his/her behavior problems. Through education, interaction with others in the group, and promoting family and personal strengths, participants begin to recognize there is hope for positive outcomes.

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  • Police Athletic League (PAL)

    Mission Statement

    In an effort to reduce juvenile crime and instill positive values, character and leadership skills, PAL provides safe activities for Putnam County youth. Our athletic and educational programs emphasize positive interaction with law enforcement officers, teachers and other adult role models.

  • Sheriff's Work Ethics and Training (SWEAT)

    The S.W.E.A.T. Program is an alternative RESTORATIVE JUSTICE program for juveniles who are issued Civil Citations, assigned community services hours, or are referred by the juvenile justice system in lieu of prosecution or adjudication.

    PCSO School Rescource Officers supervise their work activity. The program will help to relieve an already over-burdened juvenile justice system in Putnam County.

  • Our Partners
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